I’ve always thought of the body as poetry, and in my recent work I’ve wanted to directly and intentionally tie my poetry and drawing together. With every piece, I’ve written a poem to precede the drawing so as to cultivate roots to the idea or feeling I intend the piece to suggest. In my compositions I wish to evoke the feeling of what it’s like to read poetry in the viewing of drawings. Thinking of the human body as a stanza or line of a poem, I wish to channel the pacing qualities in reading a poem into reading the composition of a drawing. Including elements like repetition, rhythm, spacing qualities, aspects of reading and writing poetry to inform my decisions when creating a drawing.

     By utilizing a visual language inspired by the act of reading and writing poetry, my ultimate goal is to suggest my ideas, feelings, and notions that pertain to my personal philosophy: that living as a gentle spirit can be a strong way of life. I intend to create works to comfort the viewer to bond with the piece, for them to be able to form a narrative entirely made up by their individual impression of what they see. This is to ideally tap into the viewer’s procilivities and speak to those who believe in the power of being gentle, who cherish femininity, who celebrate inclusivity, all in hopes to comfort those who otherwise feel overlooked for believing in these ideas.

    With my philosophy in mind and exercising my poetic-intensive visual language, I will be exploring the mystique and kindness that comes from femininity. The women of my life have been profoundly open and accepting, traits that I find to be transcendent and deeply inspiring. This will be expressed using a delicate and careful rendering using graphite, with linear accents of golds and coppers superimposed to give reference to gesture all composed to accentuate space and ambience to represent a peaceful state of mind.