Within my work I hope to convey the inner processes of the mind, utilizing femininity as a concept and vehicle to communicate strength of self. Femininity, as I understand it, can instill a sense of graceful storytelling into images and represent a powerful-if not philosophical-mode of living one's own truth.

    The landscapes I portray aim to represent how the active mind moves from thought to thought. I draw or paint these landscapes from memory in an attempt to raise a very particular sensation of nature rather than a direct representation. I leave intentional blanks that the viewers can fill in by themselves; building their own ideas of landscapes from their past memories and experiences. 

     I arrived to this avenue of thinking by contemplating and sifting through what I prioritize in my visual vocabulary. First I experimented with visual perception by imposing the subject unto itself multiple times. The goal was to repeat a motion, especially those concerning to moments of intimacy, over and over again. As I worked more, I found that my main desire is to make the paper breathe through the drawing, asserting itself as a part of the experience and thus reminding the viewer of its presence behind the image.

    Contrasting with the flat and strong presence of the paper, I render the human form in a very illusionistic way. Lastly, I typically work with monotone color schemes, giving priority to the light and darkness of the forms rather than the distinction of content. That allows depth to speak for itself. My work becomes a play between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, triggering the eye to interpret different planar sensations. By employing contrasting visual devices and amassing my vocabulary to what I prioritize, I try to describe what it is like to work with the insecurities within myself.

    In the future, I want to keep exploring the visual depiction of thoughts through juxtaposition and intertwining of figure and nature. I wish also to incorporate photographic properties such as blur and multiple exposures in my work, to promote a greater sense of emotional response. I plan to expand my color schemes using spontaneous colors of instant photography as a source of inspiration. These colors shall consume the majority of the picture plane to promote more vibration and attract the eye.